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, espn is apologizing for a headline containing a racial slur about n.b.a. player jeremy lin. it referred to history night's performance in which the knicks lost. he has gained worldwide attention for his sensational rise in the n.b.a. tomas ramon has the story. >> jeremy lin rise in the n.b.a. has led to terms like lin-sanity. he nine turnovers in the game. espn read the headline was called chin k in the new orleans. they say they are conducting a complete review of the ed for yal procedures and determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. we regret and apologize for the mistake. >> apology is clearly not enough. they put on line, they apologizing for what they describe as the use of an inappropriate word. the word isn't really inappropriate. it's a racist word. >> it has sparked resentment and outcry from the asian-american community. >> chinese-americans through the asian-american community that they have to finally learn a lesson and it will never, ever happen again. the apologies when you continue to do this time and time again. >> they say the es
's who of the entertainment industry showed up to honore lat the late e whitn houston. >>> and espn issues an apology related to jeremy lin and a headline with racial overtones. >>> good evening, i'm diane dwyer. friends and family of whitney houston gathered today for her funeral. it was a who's who of the music world with hundreds inside the church and thousands more outside. nbc's mark barger is there with more. >> the church where whitney houston's voice first came to the public attention and the church that's been the scene of an outpouring of affection for the sing they are week was today the scene for the final farewell. >> what a voice, not a voice, the voice. >> for whitney houston's family and friends, today was not a funeral, but a home going. >> you are the only one. >> that could bring all of us together. whitney, today is your day. ♪ ♪ >> stars i including alicia keyes and stevie wonder honored houston with heartfelt gospel. >> today we as a family celebrate the life of our sister, our daughter, our mother, and our friend. >> speakers during the course of the three
on the floor of the new york stock exchange. busy close here as we await disney and activity right here on espn. reports throughout the day that the leaders in greece may be nearing a bailout deal. and will be following austerity. it helped the dow recover from early losses, down 63 points. finishing with a gain of 35. now, investors await news from disney. we'll have instant analysis and investor reaction from the quarterly report that we are approaching. and that we are going to be getting momentarily. ceo bob iger will join us exclusively before he speaks to analysts on the conference call. the dow jones industrial average not the worst, but not the best either. the dow up 35 points, at its best, dow industrials had been up almost 60 points. at its worst, down 60. nasdaq up about two points. bob pisani on the floor of the nyse. i know you were talking to traders here. >> got a little crowd here. spn, which is one of the stocks that traded here, superior energy, being taken over cpx. that deal is closing today. that stock is surviving, spn is surviving. you can see the traders trying to get t
to a once in a lifetime talent. >> still to come headline controversy. espn fires one of its workers over a controversial headline involving jeremy lin. >> and new details on elizabeth smart's wedding weekend. >> and why analysts say gas >> said there is no denying he has been a new york sensation. jeremy lin has grabbed a lot of headlines, but one headline got one espn worker fired. an anchor that used the derogatory phrase was suspended. espn has apologized. >> elizabeth smart is a married woman. her father says the couple had planned to marry this summer but moved up to avoid attracting too much media attention. she met her husband while doing missionary work in paris. 10 years ago, she was kidnapped in utah and held for nine months against we will. >> gas prices continue to soar and are now at a record high for this time of year. the average price across the country is $3.53 a gallon. prices are up 25 cents since january 1 street analysts say we could see $4 a gallon by april. gas in the district is averaging $3.76 a gallon. in virginia, gas is averaging $3.54 a gallon. >
. ♪ >> how friends, family, and celebrities said goodbye to whitney houston. >>> and espn apologizing tonight for a racist post regarding the hottest star in the nba, and how the network is responding to a post about jeremy lin. >>> after a drizzly start, we saw plenty of sunshine by later on this afternoon. we will cool things down for tonight. and of course, with the big bay bridge construction project, all eyes are on our chances of rain. our seven-day forecast is coming up. her funeral was held at the same . >>> close friends and family members celebrated whitney houston's life and music today. her funeral was held at the same baptist church where she was discovered as a powerhouse singer. manuel gallegus shows us touching moments from the ceremony. >> reporter: in the church where she sang as a teenager, some of the biggest names in entertainment remembers whitney houston with music, prayer -- >> if you love, clap for jesus, if you love god. >> reporter: and words from those who helped her become a star. >> you weep for a voice like that, for a lifetime. >> reporter: whitney, if you coul
near the home. they arrested 23-year-old daniel dewitt of alameda. >> espn fired the writer responsible for the racist headline against jeremy lin. an internal investigation revealed the ethnic slur was written online and used twice on air. >> you said unflappable, but if there a [bleep] in the armor, where can lin improve. >> the espn news anchor is on suspension for 30 days and the espn loyalee behind the slur on the network's web site has been dismissed. the headline was in reference to lin's nine turnovers during the loss to the new orleans hornets. in his sergeant public pal, espn wrote: his accomplishments are a source of great pride to the asian-american community including the asian-american employees of espn. >> and jeremy lin says he is putting the headline behind him saying you have to learn to forgive. but many lin fans were not as forgiving. >> it's shameful. there's ways to express whatever is happening to him in a more constructive way. i think it's up -- unnecessary. >> was something that shouldn't have happened. >> the fans were gated at the old pro palo alto restauran
's go to andy levy with a pre game report. what is coming up on today's show. >> espn fires one employee and suspends another for a choice set of words to describe knicks' jeremy lin. linsanity, get on board. and the story so shocking we never got to it last weekend and probably won't tonight. and finally scientists claim they have grown meat made out of stem cells. we will try to figure out why they named it that straight ahead. >> thank you, andy. >> a lot of guests tonight. >> yes, andy. >> more than unusual. >> yes. >> usually we have three guests and tonight we have four. >> yes. >> so it is more than usual. >> one more than usual. >> a lot of guests tonight, greg. >> is this going anywhere? >> it really isn't. >> then go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she can roast marshmellows by sneezing on them. i am here with fox business network anchor lori roth man. he is smarter than a dolphin stuffed in an el fept stuffed in a chimpanzee. what a great smile he has. well, if covert intelligence were snowfall i would expect 4 to 6 inches from this man. it is mike baker, the form
headline, and on air comments at espn. >> if there is a chink in the >> if there is a chink in the armor, where can lin improve his game? >> michael ear ric dyson has reaction. >>> thanks for watching. the more radical rick santorum is the better he seems to do in the polls. santorum now up by 10 points nationally according to gallup, beating mitt romney 36% to 26%. he's mobilizing social conservatives. along the way he has said questionable things. last night in a church in georgia, santorum compared our current political climate to the build-up to world warmerica sat on the sidelines too long in 1940. >> we are a hopeful people, we think it will get better, he's a nice guy. it won't be near as bad as what we think. this will be okay, oh, yeah, maybe he's not the best guy after a while you found out some things about this guy over in europe, he's not so good of a guy after all. but you know why what, why do we need to be involved. that is the op at the mystic spirit of america, sometimes, sometimes it's not okay. it will be harlder for this generation to figure this out. there is no eve
espn that the snow gave away. the general manager of the ski resort showed us the path of destruction. >> slide started here. carried them down to this point where the rescuers are at. about 2,000 vertical feet. >> reporter: about half the group got swept down. some farther than others. >> once the avalanche happened, everyone waited for the snow to settle and immediately went into rescue mode. >> reporter: those who could dug themselves out but three men remained buried at the bottom. ski patrol responsed to a 911 call. by the time the rescue arrived those three men had died. apart from the three men who died, it is amazing that no one else was hurt, given that several people were swept up in this avalanche. joel moreno, for abc news. >>> as this shows, inflatable equipment can save lives. this video showing a professional snowboarder during a back country competition in colorado last month. when she pulled a cord that inflated the air bag and her special backpack and that allowed her to float on top of the snow instead of being buried underneath. a second type of air bag allows a bu
, the new york mayor. >>> and some port this is morning. our sister k, espn,network, esp reporting that colts quarterback peyton manning has been cleared to play. the owner of the colts is already denying that report. neck surgery kept him out last season. now the nerve strength in his arm must improve. whether he remains with the team remains an open question itself. >>> hi lights from other sports. we get those from espn news. >> good morning, cole wright here with your espn news update. to edmonton. agner poised for a big evening. gagner strikes gold with the wrap-around. game tied at 3-3 in the ryan ryan whitney. gagner's shot, just right. later in the third. the former number one draft pick, taylor hall, finds gagner. he finds the back of the hammock. hat trick for him. oilers lead 6-4. later in the third. more gagner? of course. eberle to gagner. don't act like you're not impressed. his fourth goal of the evening. he wasn't done yet. gagner to eberle. gagner with four goals, four helpers ties mario mario lemieu record set back in 1988. >>> washington and ucla. wilcox wilcox.
of that stuff, lunch meat. >>> time for sports from or friends at espn news. >>> good morning, this is your espn news update. paul pierce and the celtics taking on the bobcats. boston down two. rondo finding pierce from the corner iffer the "j." celtics tie it up at 35-35. third quarter, pierce, hitting the three, and moving ahead of larry bird. to second on the all-time scoring list for the celtics. boston wins, 94-84. >>> how about college hoops. number one kentucky taking on the florida gators. bradley peal. anthony davis, a huge block. under 11:00 to play, 16 points for him. kentucky wins 78-58. >>> how about third-ranked ohio state hosting purdue. purdue down two. jackson, turn-around "j." knotted up at 40. second half, a steal. taking it the other way for the jam. later in the second. first shot won't go. rebound. the finish and the foul. he would make the free throw. tied at 62-62. under thr3:00 to play, buford f three. under 1:00 to play, jackson, jumper. it won't go. buford taking it the other way to the house. the buckeyes go on to win, 87-84. >>> that's your espn news update. i'm jorg
but tonight what espn says it's doing to try to make it up to jeremy lin. >> celebrating carnival with a twist. what's new this year coming up. >> hi there, i'm leigh glaser. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. but the sutro cam showing the clouds increasing. yes, we're going to see showers. we'll take a look at the forecast coming u >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> espn fired the person responsible for the racist headline directedded a basketball player jeremy lin. the headline ran on espn's web site. and the network apologized again today. >> when you're as big of a power as espn, with great power comes great responsibility and if you can't handle it, you don't deserve to handle -- have it. >> what's the appropriate thing to do? it's a teachable moment for all of us. >> lin scored 28 points and had 14 assists to lead the new york knicks to victory over the mavericks. >> the palo alto native is no stranger to controversy, he says there's a lot of stereotypes asian-american athletes have to live with. >> they say he's deceptively athletic or quick, and i don't
in the spotlight but not in a good way. espn is apologizing to the star. >>jaqueline: current conditions are fairly mild. clouds streaming in overhead with warmer weather on the way. it's repair >> of the chair with become the top of the end here it is now at the center of racial controversy. an espn employee has been fired for writing a headline a bad jeremy lin at that included a racial slur. third >>grant: that espn and police said that the headline hero was not intended to be racial in any way. he called it an honest mistake purists is a mistake that cost him his job and another employee has been suspended for using the same phrase on television. this is the latest twist in a shocking rise to fame brouhaha an underdog that finds himself at the center of their race conversation in america and abroad. espn issued a statement saying the following. >> i do not think it was on purpose. at the same time, they have apologized. i do not care any more. you have to learn to forgive. i do not even think that was the intention. hopefully not. >> lin is still producing big-time. he is averaging more than 22
rapids, michigan. he's a contributor to and a senior writer at espn. are we all friends now? is everybody fine? >> we always have been. >> we'll always be friends. >> just joking. for the people at home, it was like you guys are mad at each other on twinter. i'm like, no, we're just having a conversation. let's start with santorum's comments about president obama's quote. theology, right? take a look at what santorum said yesterday followed by reaction from the obama campaign. listen. >> it's not about you. it's not about you. it's not about your quality of life. it's not about your jobs. it's about some phony ideal, some phony theology. oh, not a theology based on the bible, a different theology, but no less a theology. >> i can't help but think that those remarks are well over the line. it's wrong. it's destructive. it makes it virtually impossible to solve the problems that we all face together as americans. >> so, will, rick santorum said this morning that he wasn't questioning the president's christianity. so why did he use the word theology? he's been around for a whil
used by espn. all this in-on-day when he had to suit up and play. >>> all right. most of us google. when we do, we may be giving way information that we thought was prierchlt we'll talk about that straight ahead. >>> first, football season is finished, baseball is right around the corner. in today's human factor dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to a little boy who wants to play baseball and won't let anything get in his way. >> go, go, go, go, go. >> he can hit. field the ball. even slide into home plate. this 6-year-old wants to play in the big leagues some day just like his favorite player, chipper jones of the atlanta braves. when reese was born, his parents were shocked to discover he didn't have a left hand, and baseball was the furthest thing from their minds. >> how's he going to shoot, do this, how's he going to doering. >> it was a hart thing. >> they weren't sure if he would learn to crawl without a second hand so they got him a prosthesis, but little reese didn't want it. >> he didn't like it at all. he cried and cried and cried. it was not a good thing. >> he did learn to
starts. they went after media and fans blind obsession about his name and race. an espn editor was fired for writing this headline which punned on the c word, blanked out there to describe his bad habit of turning over the ball. it's also been like this one or fan's sign that was seen on air. it's turned lin's rise into a discussion on race and double standards in the u.s. joining us here is a democratic state representative in connecticut and in washington, dr. james peterson. good day to you both. thank you for spending time with us. >> good afternoon. >> representative, the man fired for writing that headline at espn says this, this has nothing to do with me being cute or punny. i'm sorry i offended people. i'm sorry if i offended jeremy. do you believe him? >> i think we've got to be better than that. this situation is regrettable. it's unfortunate because this is an amazingly inspirational story for all of us. when all of us are looking for a lift, certainly the new york knicks were looking for a lift, it gives us a spark not just here in the area and all across the country. somewhe
addiction. in fact, espn recently aired this incredible documentary about him just last november. >> that day, i sat down with those girls and decided to do my first line of cocaine at 18 years old. opened doors for me that i was not able to close for the next 15 years. >> and i want to welcome chris herren live from providence. chris, i saw the documentary. it's a pretty stunning story you have, but i want to just begin with this. you've said yourself, and i'm quoting you here, truth is, i should be dead. so why are you alive today? >> well, by the grace of god, i believe, and 12 steps in my recovery program, you know. and if it wasn't for people extending their hand and offering me treatment and staying in treatment, i probably wouldn't be here today. >> you were a superstar in high school, fall river, massachusetts. you go on to be recruited from powerhouse teams. you're a massachusetts guy, so you go to boston college. you walk in the dorm room 18 years of age, see a roommate, girls, chopping up lines of cocaine. what happened next? >> i was ready to walk out, and at the last
several times. it was reported houston's family did not want him there. >> espn is apologizing after posting a racist headline. >> the headline rev referenced palo palo alto's jeremy lin. >> jeremy lin's rise in the nba has given him new nicknames. he has a new one. on espn they ran a headline, chink in the armor. it was removed of 35 minutes. >> it's unacceptable and inexcusable and managed to mar what has been a great american story with racist language and at the same time insulting millions of people, not just asian-americans but all people who believe in basic fairness. >> this is the executive director of chinese for affirmative action. thisthis is the apology espn off erred. they say sayre conducting a complete review and are determining appropriate action to make sure this dos not happen again. >> apology is clearly not enough. you look at what they put online, they're apologizing for the use of an inappropriate word. the word is, isn't really inappropriate. it's a racist word. >> the headline sparked anger, resentment, and an outcry from the shame -- asian-american community
&t. >>> espn tonight is in crisis management mode after an online article used a rarely slur in its headline referring to recent chinese american nba star jeremy lin. it was part of an online headline referring to the nine turnovers in the knicks loss to the hornets last night. it said, quote, chink in the armor, unquote, that has double meaning and it was up for about 30 minutes this afternoon before being taken down. espn has since apologized saying we are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. we regret and apologize for this mistake. the same slur was reportedly used on espn a few days ago as well. san francisco senator lee lynn lee responded to the headline this afternoon. here is part of his statement saying, quote, this incident markens back to 1947 when jackie robinson heard some of the ugliest racial ep that thes as he broke the color barrier in espn baseball. espn should be ashamed and must do more than apologize in addressing this act. >>> coming up next, a month long investigation pays off for the dechlt ea and los angeles place and we'l
state's cascade mountains. two of the three skiers killed in an avalanche spoken about on espn. the region has been hit with heavy snow on the weekends and avalanche warnings were posted. >> new this morning, a team of united nations nuclear inspectors has arrived in iran for what are expected to be key talks about their nuclear program. it comes after iran announced it was halting oil shipments to britain and france in response to your opinion in sanctions targeting iranian oil. we are feeling the impact of those rising oil prices every time we go to the gas spot. >> the national average right now is $3.56 for regular. that is 40 cents higher than a year ago. experts say burris yourselves because it could get worse. brianne carter is live in the west following this and joins us with details. good morning. >> getting worse already in georgetown. $3.95 for regular. that is much tighter than the national average, even the average in the washington region. a lot of people say that before we could see any easing, it could get much worse. for the price of gas going up, drivers conti
, espn fires the writer behind the offensive headline about jeremy lin. this is not the first time, though, that that network has used that racial slur. >>> it's really one of the most beautiful buildings in the world as far as i'm concerned. >> and for the first time the donald talks about turning a piece of d.c. history into a luxury hotel. >>> coming up a bit later on "sports final," new york continues to be linsane in the membrane. >>> sparks fly and cars crunch as speed weeks roll on in dayto daytona. >>> all right. so we'll admit it is nothing close to a blizzard, but some people in our area did get a little bit of snow tonight. news 4's darcy spencer searched far and wide for some snowflakes out there, and you found some, darcy? >> reporter: i sure did, aaron. you know, just until a few minutes ago we were getting sort of a wintry mix here in woodbridge. we were getting mostly rain but a little bit of snow in there. it's basically tapered off at this point. but here's proof that it really did snow. take a look here. the roads are pretty much wet, but here you can see a littl
lin put his skills on display again last night, as we see from espn news. >>> good morning, i'm zubin mehenti here with your espn news update. threw the first five game in the nba, michael jordan scored 125 points. jeremy lin has scored 136. taking on sacramento. to landry fields. and then, lin driving to amar'e stoudemire for 2 of his 11. he's been a scorer. more of a distributor on wednesday. second quarter, up top, to player who is ben it thing from his arrival, tyson chandler. won an nba title last year with the mavericks. with the way lin is playing, chandler, stoudemire, anthony coming back, could it be back to back? lin, from harvard, to fields, from stanford. nerd alert. the beautiful bounce pass to jeffreys. one of seven knicks double figures. they win, 100-85. wait until those two get chance to team up. >>> let's go 3,000 miles west. wizards and clippers. second quarter, chris paul. jordan, no, blake griffin. he has 23 and 15. third quarter, clips up two. playing a little bit of defense. paul poking it away. other way, griffin, lob city. the found out the hard way. then paul
indianapolis. we'll get the highlights from espn. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems,... ...serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against... ...and help stop further joint damage with humira. >>> what a scene that is. a big apple salute for big blue. the empire state building here in new york city is all aglow in blue lights, all, of
are investigating. >>> here's news from the weekend. espn fired the employee responsible for writing an offensive headline about jer may lin. a anchor who used the slur has been suspected according to the sportsnet work. espn headlines was up for 35 minutes before removed. lin moved on from the incident. >> espn apologized and you know, there's no -- i don't think it was you know on purpose or whatever, but you know at the same time they apologized and from my end i don't care anymore. it's to learn to a forgive and i don't think that was intentional or hopefully not. >> all right. sunday night lin guide the knicks to another improbable win. he quickly turned into a global sensation now known as lin sanity. >> he is such a nice guy. >> he does. >>> tomorrow is fat tuesday. >> things are in full swing going down to the big easy in new orleans. that's bourbon street and the thing is an hour and half ago that was full. the main location for the mardi gras fat tuesday is the culmination of the carnival situation where you eat fatty foods leading up to lint. >> cyndi lopper and bret michaels are the m
in bean town. here's mike yam at espn news. >>> we start in one of the best rivalries in all of basketball. lakers, celtics. there's paul pierce. pick it up quarter. matt barnes. the truth with 18 points and 7 rebounds. lakers, down two. the black mamba so deadly. 27. down the stretch, here we go. rondo making his mark. 14 points and 7 dimes. pau gasol, firing the three, we don't see that too often. bynum muscling it in. the rebound, and one. bynum, asked to the all-star game pliing for the western conference squad. here's allen. boston up by two. he had 22. lakers still trailing. gasol, the spaniard getting there. 25 points, 14 big rebounds. five seconds left. we're tied. mickael pietrus. off the mark, no good. we get some more basketball. doc rivers, the before, wamping his son, austin rivers bury the game winner. pietrus not able to do that. there's pierce, sizing up metta world peace. boston up one. bynum there withti tip-in. 16 points, 17 rebounds. five seconds to go. pierce, off the mark. lakers pull it out. still pick up the win. lakers not done just yet. friday night, the espn dou
to hoops highlights from espn news. >> good morning, i'm jorge andr andres. let's start with the lakers. lakers leading, 18-13, kobe. hitting the "j." a lakers seven-point lead. kobe again. baseline drains another jumper. and it's 24-15, los angeles leads. moments later, kobe, again. a big first quarter for him. draining the floater. he had 18 points in the first quarter. later, we'll have 27 minutes in the game. here in the second. another "j." and the lakers go on to win, 106-73. andrew bynum with 20 and 11. >>> the celtics and the cavs. pick it up in the third quarter. celtics up 19. ray allen. doing what he do. knocking down the three from the win. he had 12 points, 8 assists. 75-63, boston leads. fourth quarter. a pull-up "j." cavs cutting it to a nine-point defic deficit. irving. 21 points. third straight game with 20 or more points. cavs within two. celtic possession. the celtics hang on to win, 93-90. >>> for your espn news update, i'm jorge andres. tune in to espn news for more. >>> up next, "the pulse." and our first look at julianne moore playing sarah palin. >>> and the firs
-star game. we'll get those from our friends at espn news. >>> good morning, and welcome to the espn news update. i'm zubin mehenti. 12 years after the all-star game at the home of the magic, the festivities returned to orlando. west and west. lebron in transition. he had 30 assists. blake griffin had 16 points on dunks. third quarter, kevin durant with the steal ahead to kobe. and with that dunk, he breaks the record for most all-star game points passing some guy named jordan. durant,ing straight for the rack. this one of the final dunked we see from dwight howard in orlando? time will tell. deron williams playing defense. somebody has to. heat down one. last chance, they're down two. williams way off. lebron one last one, he's got it. griffin. that's it.on 152-149. your espn news update, i'm zubin mehenti. have a great week. >> all-star game is always a defensive battle. >>> up next, oprah like you've never seen her before. >>> and the reviews are in, what the critics are saying about oscar host billy crystal last night. for my high cholesterol. without it why kid myself? diet and exerc
't fly. >>> time for sports. pro hoops in philly, here's espn news. >> good morning. cole wright here with your espn news update. monday evening, kobe bryant looking to sur prasz shaquille o'neal. baseline "j," count it. later on from the wing. kobe, what else did you expect? bottom of the notch. within one after hitting two from the stripe. long jumper. that's good. fifth on the all-time list. history made. lakers up five. now let's get back to the game. kobe, driving, finishing. he finished with 28 points. under 2:00 left in the game, sixers up three. williams. he was everywhere he needed to be. the six irrs win this one, 95-90. >>> knicks hosting the jazz. there's jeremy lin. we'll tell you about him in a moment. carmelo anthony, on the floor, five minutes in. he would leave the game with a groin injury. check out for the latest on melo. back to lin. drive to the lane, part of his big-time evening. we go in the fourth. more lin. how about i give this one back to you? that's the definition of friends helping friends. after lin hit his shots from there free-throw line. guess
tebow. he goes one-on-one with espn's hannah storm. >> why do you think that you're so polarizing? >> i think a little bit has to do with, you know, my faith. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! and here's my depression. before i started taking abilify, i was taking an antidepressant alone. most of the time i could pull myself together and face the day. but other days, i still struggled with my depression. i was coping, but sometimes it really weighed me down. i'd been feeling stuck for a long time. i just couldn't shake my depression. so i talked to my doctor, and he added abilify to my antidepressant. he said it could help with my depression, and that some people had symptom improvement as early as 1 to 2 weeks. i'm glad i talked to him. i wish i'd done it sooner. now i feel more in control of my depression. [ male announcer ] abilify is not for everyone. call yo
-boyfriend. >> eps eps eps -- espn is taking heat because of a head line. >> and heading outside? we had a mix of clouds and rain today. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> alan: oscar sunday is next sunday. get live video from the red carpet and back stage by downloading the oscar app for iphone and ipad and get in on the0s scar buzz on twitter. >> alan: let's take a live look from sky 7. you're looking at highway 101 southbound traffic on the other side of the waldo tunnel. it's backed up to marin city because of that construction on the bay bridge there. pretty much everywhere into the city today suffering from a lot of congestion, folks. so, you don't need to drive, you might want to stay at home. >> alan: espn is apologizing for its webs headline containing a racial slur about basketball player jeremy lin. the headline erode "chink in the armor" referring to last night's losing performance for lin, the fir basketball player of chinese descent in the nba. espn is owned by disney, the parent company of abc news. >> lin will be back on the court when the nix play the mavericks right here on ab
espn news. >>> good morning, my name is todd grisham, the this is your espn news update. you want college basketball? good, i've got it. michigan state and indiana. the spartans have won six straight. cody zeller was huge. later. green with the steal. and the throwdown. he was the best player on the floor for the spartans. later, green for three. green was a monster. 29 points. but it would not be enough. too much victor. great screen set up. he made that look easy. and then with 6:00 to go, this pretty much sums up the night for indiana. everything was dropping. look how high off the glass that hit. and jordan with a more conventional three, straight through the hoop. indiana wins it, 70-55. upsetting michigan state. >>> to the acc. duke looking to finish perfect on the road in acc play for the first time in 12 years. austin rivers, steal, coast to coast. now a 20-point game. ryan kelly. for three. he had a career-high 20 points. still in the second, wake forest trying to make a run. tony chennault, in transition. cut the lead to 11. just 25067 duke. placen plumlee. get out of hi
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